Could Elway, Shanahan be trade partners?

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Washington Redskins are trying to move up and get a quarterback.

The Denver Broncos are willing to listen to offers for their No. 2 pick. The Redskins have the No. 10 pick. The two quarterbacks who are expected to be taken before No. 10 are Auburn’s Cam Newton and Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert.

It is natural to think the John Elway and the Broncos and the Redskins and former Denver coach Mike Shanahan could be trading partners.

However, there are some obstacles to that pairing. It’s been widely believed that the Broncos would prefer to trade down no further than No. 8 to ensure they get a top defensive player.

Also, the Redskins could have difficulty moving all the way up to No. 2. According to the NFL draft trade value chart, the No. 2 pick is worth 2,600 points and the Redskins’ first two picks – No. 10 and No. 41 – would leave the Redskins about 800 points too shy. The Redskins don’t have a third or fourth-round pick. So, the Redskins would likely have to add their first-round pick in 2012 to the mix and hope Denver would be happy with it. The Broncos want help now and I think they could get a better package from Arizona (which picks No. 5) or Tennessee (No. 8) if those teams want to move up.

In a conference call this week, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay added credence to the importance of landing Newton or Gabbert for the quarterback-hungry teams.

“There are a lot of good quarterbacks in this class but not many great ones,” McShay said. “I think when you start to look at it, there’s Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, then there’s a drop off. Then it’s kind of ‘pick your poison.’”

Meanwhile, former Super Bowl-winning quarterback and current NFL analyst Phil Simms believes in Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.