Texans blind spot: Tight end

Every team in the league has some sort of blind spot when it schemes to the draft: A position it can’t resist or won’t touch, a spot where there is always need, a round that’s an extra high hurdle.

Today we’ll strive to examine one biggie for each team.

Houston Texans -- Tight ends

Gary Kubiak and GM Rick Smith love tight ends.

Despite having Owen Daniels on the roster and an effective backup in Joel Dreessen, the team has appeared tight-end obsessed. Yes, Daniels was hurt in 2009 and his contract was scheduled to expire this offseason. (He’s healed up and re-signed.) Even if they planned on losing him, where did they expect to fit Anthony Hill (fourth round, 2009), James Casey (fifth round, 2009) and Garrett Graham (fourth round, 2010)?

Maybe all those tight ends are part of the reason All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach recently tweeted about not being in the Texans' plans. Maybe they are looking for room to run more two-tight sets.

The lesson: You can’t get more than two tight ends on the field with any regularity and the team has five. So no matter how attractive a tight end is to the Texans in this draft, they should steer clear.