Debating A.J. Green vs. Marcell Dareus

In their Hot Button debate, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay state their cases for who should be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Kiper says the Panthers should go with Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green. McShay says the Panthers should take Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, although I’m starting to wonder if John Fox hacked into McShay’s computer and wrote the argument for Dareus.

In other years, like throughout the entire Fox tenure, taking a defensive tackle would be the obvious choice. But Fox isn’t coaching the Panthers anymore and the people are there now realize they have to get an offense that’s at least competitive in the NFL.

Green’s a great prospect and I think the Panthers might take him ahead of Dareus if it came down to a choice between those two. But I honestly don’t see either scenario playing out.

For weeks now, all indications are the Panthers are preparing to draft Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. I have not seen or heard anything that leads me to believe there’s been a change in that thinking.

That’s good news for Fox. He’s now with the Denver Broncos. They have the second overall pick, so Dareus should be there when Fox and John Elway make their pick.