Stafford to Johnson ... and Ochocinco?

We know little. But we can dream all we want.

OchocincoOchocincoCincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco hasn't had much of anything nice to say about his current team lately, including some harsh words Tuesday via Twitter about coach Marvin Lewis.

Wednesday, he worked out with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and receiver Calvin Johnson. There is a picture to prove it and everything. (Profanity alert in the tweet.)

Not long after Ochocinco posted the photograph, Lions tailback Jahvid Best tweeted: "@ochocinco join the squad bra, we finna do big things."

There is little doubt the Lions want to upgrade their No. 3 receiver position behind Johnson and Nate Burleson. Ochocinco remains under contract with the Bengals, but his time in Cincinnati might be coming to an end.

Things have been too quiet here in the NFC North, so I would be all for it. You?