Muensch breaks down AFC West draft

I caught up with Steve Muensch of Scouts Inc. to break down the draft of the AFC West teams. Muensch looks at a player he is excited about and nervous about for each team in the division. Let’s take a look:


Excited about: “I really like Quinton Carter (safety, fourth round). He is not an elite athlete, but he has great instincts and he plays the ball well. To get the No. 3 safety on our board in the fourth round is a steal.”

Nervous about: “I’m a little concerned about Julius Thomas (tight end, fourth round). I like him and I think there is upside there, but he’s played two years of football, one in high school and the other in college, and that was at Portland State. Why don’t you take D.J. Williams there?”

Kansas City

Excited about: “I am a big Ricky Stanzi (quarterback, fifth round) guy. He’s not ready to be a NFL quarterback, but I think he will develop into a quality starter in the league. I really like that choice in the fifth round."

Nervous about: “I’m nervous about Jon Baldwin (receiver, first round) and Justin Houston (defensive end/linebacker, third round). Baldwin is not always a team-first guy and Houston takes some snaps off. But I know why they took them, because they both could hit big. If they succeed, watch out, because this would be a great draft. But there are concerns with these two players.”


Excited about: “I think Taiwan Jones (running back, fourth round) is one of their better picks. But he still makes nervous. He has durability issues and I think he needs to improve as a receiver. But he runs like crazy and there’s potential there.”

Nervous about: “I’m nervous about DeMarcus Van Dyke (third round, cornerback). Yes, he just blazes, but I think he will be pushed around by bigger receivers. He’ll get beat underneath. If you're looking to replace Nnamdi Asomugha, DeMarcus Van Dyke is not the answer.”

San Diego

Excited about: “I really like Jordan Todman (running back, sixth round. To get that guy is the sixth round is unbelievable. He was productive at Connecticut, he ran well at his pro day and at the combine. That is a lot of value in the sixth round.”

Nervous about: “I’m not sold on Vincent Brown (third round, receiver). He is inconsistent. He can make a spectacular play and then drop the next ball. I think he’s a risky pick in the third round.”