Helmet cam: The ones we like best

I’m a sucker for lightning bolts.

Our Power Rankings series takes us to an offbeat topic this week: NFL helmets. And I am the lone first-place vote for San Diego. Here’s Bill Williamson’s piece on the intense fight for helmet supremacy, along with the poll results.

This balloting took me back to my childhood, when helmets and logos can make an indelible impression.

My one adult decision as I voted: As much as I might like the Rams or Eagles game-time lids, they were disqualified because they’ve been relatively recently revised. I stuck predominantly with designs that have endured.

And even some of those didn’t make it. I respect the Lions’ and Bears’ looks, but they bore me.

The lone “new” look that got a vote from me was Tampa Bay. I like pewter and I like the flag on a sword.

My colleagues clearly view the Colts’ blue horseshoe as a classic. It got two first-place votes and, despite not being on two ballots, finished second to the Steelers. I had Indy fifth.

The Titans and Texans got completely shut out, while the Jaguars got a 10th place vote from Pat Yasinskas. But the Texans did score well in a ballot that didn’t count toward the results. Our lead correspondent on this project, Bill Williamson, talked with a former “Project Runway” contestant, who put Houston sixth and Indianapolis ninth.

Perhaps the Texans can make mention of that prestigious standing in their media guide.

My big disappointment here is the underrating of Kansas City. How could the Chiefs make only three ballots while a headless dolphin wearing a helmet makes the cut? Wake up people!

Here’s how I voted.

  1. Chargers

  2. Steelers

  3. Chiefs

  4. Vikings

  5. Colts

  6. Browns

  7. Packers

  8. Raiders

  9. Cowboys

  10. Buccaneers

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