Andrew Luck tops Kiper's 2012 board

The NFL draft has been over for almost a month, so you know what that means?

In this Insider post, Mel Kiper unveils his first big boardInsider for the class of 2012. It’s topped by Andrew Luck. We all know he’s the Stanford quarterback the Carolina Panthers would have taken No. 1 overall if he had come out this year.

I know that begs the question about if the Panthers would have the first pick in 2012, if there is no 2011 season. Well, that seems like a logical enough assumption. But nobody in any official capacity will say that definitively, probably because they can’t bear the thought of no football being played this season. But that’s enough labor stuff.

I’m looking at Kiper’s board and seeing some themes. Looks like 2012 will be a great year for defensive ends out of North Carolina. It also looks like an excellent year for cornerbacks and a pretty good one for wide receiver.