Kurt Coleman misses no tackles

I know a lot of you are out there talking smack about the mailbag. I just know it. You're all like, "He says he's going to use the mailbag but it's just a bunch of baloney. He won't really. He's just new and trying to make nice."

Well, you're WRONG! And I'm about to show you just how wrong you are. And maybe even blow a little part of your mind in the process. Ready? Here goes:

ColemanColemanDipped into the mailbag this afternoon and found an interesting note from Damien (Philadelphia) pointing me to a story on Pro Football Focus about the best-tackling safeties in the league. Leading the list is Eagles part-timer Kurt Coleman, who apparently made all 24 tackles he attempted (and one assist) without missing one.

Now, 24's not a huge number, obviously. And Sheil Kapadia of philly.com's Moving the Chains blog did a good job of digging into Coleman's numbers to provide a decent analysis of what this means. Kapadia seems to conclude that Coleman could parlay this (as well as the likely departure of Quintin Mikell and the limited practice time rookie Jaiquawn Jarrett is likely to get thanks to the lockout) into a larger role in 2011. Coleman did a good job filling in last season when Nate Allen got hurt, made a contribution on special teams and could play his way into more playing time.

As for the rest of PFF's lists, only one other NFC East safety made the top 20. That would be the Giants' Kenny Phillips, with just 61 tackles and 11 assists to just five misses. But they also did a "bottom 20" list of the league's worst safeties in tackle attempts per miss, and the division had a couple of guys on that list. Washington's Kareem Moore managed 13 missed tackles against 42 tackles and 11 assists, giving him the fifth-worst ratio in the league among safeties with at least 15 tackle attempts. And the Giants' Deon Grant was 12th-worst, with 10 misses against 48 tackles and six assists.

Giants fans might get a chuckle, though, out of seeing former Giant C.C. Brown at the top (or, I guess, the bottom) of the bad list. Toiling in 2010 for the Lions, Brown missed 10 tackles while recording just 32 (and three assists). I know Giants fans who knew Brown by his unfortunate nickname ("Can't Cover") during his time in New York are sitting there thinking his initials ought to have been "C.T."

Anyway, Mailbag FTW. Thanks, Damien. Have a Dock Street IPA on me.