Clinton Portis wants to play for Giants

I find it at least entertaining and occasionally hilarious when Clinton Portis talks, so I was excited to learn that he had done an interview with Sirius XM Radio and spoken on a number of topics related to the Redskins and himself. The juicy, newsy bit is that he said he'd like to play for another NFC East team, particularly the Giants, in order to get a chance to play the Redskins twice a year.

"To go to the Giants and get to play the Redskins twice a year after them feeling I wasn't capable anymore, I think that would be outstanding," Portis told hosts Brian McGovern and Maurice Jones-Drew (yes, that one).

To be clear, though, Portis seems to harbor no ill will toward the Redskins or Mike Shanahan for cutting him:

"I think for the situation that was going on in Washington for myself it was time to vacate. The organization was going in a different direction and I really think that Coach Shanahan is going to get the organization back on track and back to winning ways, which is what the people in Washington want to see."

So that's good to know, that it's not personal. Portis even said he wishes he'd been able to pass John Riggins and become the Redskins' all-time rushing leader, but that injuries and circumstances unfortunately conspired against him and he finished 648 yards short. So he's moving on, and said that if not the Giants, he'd welcome the chance to play with a quarterback like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Michael Vick.

He said some other stuff, too:

  • Asked about his preference for skipping practice so he could be healthy for game day, Portis said his way was better. "When I wasn't practicing I was coming out and producing 100 yards, week in and week out," he said. "All of a sudden it turned out that I gave you everything during the week and I was banged up the last two years after practicing every day in practice." FACT CHECK: Portis has had exactly 12 100-yard games in the past five years.

  • He thinks the Washington media did in Donovan McNabb and consistently sabotages the Redskins' chances for success. "It was hard to really have that team bond because the media would shoot at picking it apart and tearing it apart and so critical even when the good times came," Portis said. "I don't think Donovan was ready for that, even coming from Philly. I don't think he understood the position he was coming into." FACT CHECK: OK, (a) McNabb came from PHILADELPHIA, dude. He wasn't ready for negativity? And (b) The media always get blamed when a team doesn't do well, but no one's ever come out and said after a championship, "I really think the positive way the media covered this team was critical to our success." I find that odd. It's almost as if blaming the media is a weak, lazy excuse. Nah....

  • He's enjoying the lockout. "Actually, I think it's perfect for me, just having all of the time to recover to train, to get healthy," he said. "Usually by now my back hurts from pushing sleds and doing this and doing that in the offseason program. I think for myself I feel great right now. I'm looking forward to growing completely healed." FACT CHECK: He should have plenty of time.