Are the Eagles considering pay cuts?

So this story's out there now, citing an NFL source saying Eagles senior staffers will be taking 25 percent pay cuts on or about June 11. And just a couple of days after we were praising the Eagles for being one of those seven teams that have pledged not to cut coaches' pay during a time in the lockout when neither they nor any other team has yet lost a penny of revenue.

Anyway, the Eagles say they'll be making no official comment on this report, and the people I've talked to down there say nothing's changed, nobody's pay has yet been cut and no final decisions on this have been made. The Eagles told their staff in February that they would not cut anyone's pay until mid-June, at which point they reserved the right to re-evaluate if the lockout was still continuing, which we now know it will be.

It's still curious that teams would make these kinds of decisions in June, by which point they still won't have lost any money as a result of the lockout. But some reasons for the timetable are starting to come into focus. For instance, lots of talk lately about the Eagles having to decide by mid-June whether they're going to have training camp at Lehigh University this year as they always do. Apparently, that's the time by which Lehigh needs an answer, so they can figure out if they can use their facilities for another purpose. That kind of stuff is probably starting to happen for teams -- figuring out how much of training camp is going to be lost, etc. -- which may be why you're starting to see talk about decisions on pay cuts, etc being made in the coming weeks.

For the record, I still think it's unconscionable for team owners, who came up with the lockout idea as a means of establishing bargaining leverage against the players, to punish employees who aren't players as part of the scheme. But it looks like almost all of them are going to do it anyway. Maybe they think they can make the players feel guilty, though I don't know why they'd expect another group of people to feel an emotion they apparently can't feel themselves.