Haynesworth road rage case dismissed

Mentioned this in this morning's breakfast links, but now it's official. Albert Haynesworth has reached a settlement with the alleged victim in his road-rage assault case and the case has been dismissed. The details of the settlement haven't been made public, but at least Mike Shanahan can now take some solace in knowing where at least some of the money from that famous check of his that Haynesworth took last spring has gone.

HaynesworthHaynesworthThere's a chance that, once the lockout is over, Redskins fans won't have Haynesworth to kick around anymore. If the Skins can find a taker, they'll surely ship him out of town and close the book on one of the more disastrous free-agent signings in NFL history. Haynesworth played pretty well (if not to the All-Pro level that would have been commensurate with his salary) in his first year in Washington, but his second year was a miserable mishmash of spats with Shanahan, conditioning test failures and off-field issues like the one referenced above.

So I put the question to you, dear reader, as you slog through your morning at work, still trying to shake off your holiday weekend: Can you think of a free-agent signing worse than Haynesworth's? Close to as bad? Similarly brutal for your own team, if you're not a Skins fan? Let's hear the nominees, and I'll check back later to see what we all came up with.