Are we immune to Jaguars-to-LA talk yet?

The Jaguars occupy a small market. They’ll probably deal with some blackouts once there is a season. Their owner doesn’t have a plan of succession.

So they are a logical team to mention when discussing Los Angeles options.

But it’s way, way premature to put them in Los Angeles and the guy “courting” teams admits the Jaguars are down on the list of possibilities.

So I am on board with Gene Frenette, who writes:

"The best solution is to just tune out any Jaguars moving stories for another couple years. It'll take at least that long for Los Angeles to show that it can get over the financial and legal hurdles to make a real run at anybody's team.

"Los Angeles should worry about solving the Lakers' issues or the Dodgers' ownership drama. Getting the Jaguars is more a pipe dream than reality."

It's a disservice to the franchise every time it is mentioned this way. But such things are out of the Jaguars' control. They and their fans need simply to do their best to ignore it.