No buzz here on Terrelle Pryor

Usually, the routine works like clockwork.

Well-known Player X either becomes available or is rumored to be available. Within minutes, the question presents itself: Does NFC North team Y want to sign him?

So it's notable that I haven't received a single note to the mailbag, not one tweet and no Facebook references I can find to an NFC North blog reader asking if the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers or Minnesota Vikings might draft ex-Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in this summer's presumed NFL supplemental draft.

It's possible you're boycotting your favorite blogger's in-box, but here's a more logical reason: All four of our teams have franchise quarterbacks on their roster now that the Vikings have drafted Florida State's Christian Ponder. The Bears' Jay Cutler, the Lions' Matthew Stafford, the Packers' Aaron Rodgers and Ponder are all on the good side of 30 and very much a part of their team's long-range plans.

I also don't sense much buzz about Pryor as a potential long-term starting quarterback, either among fans or NFL people. Friday morning, for example, veteran agent Ralph Cindrich advised Pryor to pursue the UFL to help develop his game.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus said this week he expected Pryor to be selected in the first round of the supplemental draft, something that hasn't happened in 19 years and without question won't take place with an NFC North team. Remember, the supplemental draft is like withdrawing equity from a house: You lose your corresponding pick in the spring if you use one the previous summer.

It's also worth noting the history of teams taking chances on quarterbacks in the supplemental draft. It worked for a few teams, but no one has tried it since the New York Giants whiffed on Duke quarterback Dave Brown in 1992.

Around here, the real question will apply if NFL teams defy Rosenhaus' expectations and pass over Pryor in the early rounds of the supplemental draft. Would an NFC North team take a flier on Pryor as a long-term project and potential multi-position weapon?

We have some outside-of-the-box thinkers in this division, and I wouldn't rule out someone taking the proverbial "drafting an athlete" approach. But we're not there yet.