AFC North assistant coaches miss the cut

The AFC North has done very well lately in ESPN.com’s Power Rankings. Last week, Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns claimed the top spot for left tackles. The division also had high placements with defensive players, helmets and stadiums in recent weeks.

But the AFC North was shut out Tuesday when it came to up-and-coming assistant coaches. The highest finish was No. 11 by Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

Two AFC North coaches made the final ballot. Zimmer received three votes from our panel, including my No. 7 vote. I was the only person to vote for Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler, who is viewed as the in-house favorite to eventually replace longtime defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

Former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who was hired this offseason by the Dallas Cowboys, was No. 2 on this list.

ESPN.com's up-and-coming coaches Power Rankings

1. Perry Fewell, Giants

2. Rob Ryan, Cowboys

3. Brian Schottenheimer, Jets

4. Russ Grimm, Cardinals

5. Dirk Koetter, Jaguars

6. Winston Moss, Green Bay Packers

7. Greg Olson, Buccaneers

8. Rob Chudzinski, Panthers

9. Bill O’Brien, New England Patriots

10. Darren Perry, Packers

Walker's up-and-coming coaches Power Rankings

1. Perry Fewell, Giants

2. Russ Grimm, Cardinals

3. Winston Moss, Packers

4. Brian Schottenheimer, Jets

5. Rob Ryan, Cowboys

6. Kyle Shanahan, Redskins

7. Mike Zimmer, Bengals

8. Mel Tucker, Jaguars

9. Rob Chudzinski, Panthers

10. Keith Butler, Steelers