Favre: Jets endeavor 'wasn't all that bad'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
The New York Jets made their decision with eyes wide open. They knew Brett Favre might be a one-and-done addition, that 2008 might be their lone shot to win with the legendary quarterback.

Their playoff hopes bombed with Favre, and not the way they wanted to see Favre and bomb in the same sentence. The head coach lost his job. Jets running back Thomas Jones and safety Kerry Rhodes made postmortem comments that suggested resentment over Favre.

Now the Jets need a quarterback.

Five months after the team dared to bring Favre aboard, he announced his re-retirement. He came to the conclusion his right arm doesn't have what it takes anymore.

I asked Favre on a conference call Wednesday night how much he thought he disrupted the Jets as a franchise.

"I believe that it was more of a positive than a negative. I really believe that," Favre said. "I think anyone out there who followed this had to figure there was a chance I would last one year and be done. I thought one year and done would not be based on anything physical, but that was the case.

"I wish we could have gone to the playoffs. There was a point in the season they were talking 'Hey, Giants-Jets in the Super Bowl.' So it wasn't all that bad. More than anything, leadership qualities, the way I handled myself was a positive."

Favre's decision to come out of retirement was selfish. He had something to prove to the Green Bay Packers, general manager Ted Thompson in particular.

"I'm human just like anyone else," Favre said. "Maybe part of me was fueled by maybe the wrong reasons."

But Favre's time in Gotham wasn't a complete waste. Although the mission was unaccomplished and the experiment set the franchise back, the Jets got their money's worth.

The Jets sold crates of No. 4 jerseys and tickets. He thrilled the fans at a critical economic time, with the Jets trying to sell personal seat licenses for their new stadium. He put the Jets on the back pages of the New York newspapers and took the fans on one hell of a ride -- albeit one that T-boned the postseason on-ramp.

"I went into New York no differently than I went to Green Bay," Favre said. "I had every intention of leading that team to wins. I did everything I could possibly do on and off the field.

"Honestly, I don't know if there was anything to get out of my system. I think I got my answer as the season progressed. I said 'OK, I can't throw the ball the way I want to throw it.' That more than anything was telling to me."