Jones-Drew should own his comments

Maurice Jones-Drew is outspoken and should be, which is good.

He’s making a habit out of backing down from what he’s outspoken about, which is bad.

We chronicled his comments about Jay Cutler from the NFC Championship Game and how things went for MJD from there.

Now he’s saying that a comment on the NFL Network about the Jaguars not needing a quarterback in the draft when they took Blaine Gabbert was taken out of context. (Tania Ganguli spells it out here.)

I’d love for him to own it: “Yes, I said it. I don’t think it’s what we needed. We could have gotten weapons for David Garrard in the first and second rounds. But of course I’ll support all our quarterbacks and whatever Gene Smith does, because he’s the boss and knows what he’s doing.”

Would that somehow be upsetting to Jaguars management, coaches or fans?

MJD can adjust what he said, he can clarify, he can re-frame. But I don’t think he can say it was taken out of context. It’s right there to see.

Fill me in on what context we need to understand this:

“What we needed as an offense wasn't a new quarterback, we just needed another year amongst each other because we had a lot of new players."

Jones-Drew is a big-time player, but he seems surprised that what he says turns into a big-time story. I don’t wish for him to become overly measured, offering predictable Crash Davis lines. But it’s time to graduate to owning the bold opinions he offers.

When you’re the best guy on your team, you have nothing to fear when you do so. It actually can gain you a great degree of respect on multiple levels.