Risk-reward: Kolb for Rodgers-Cromartie

Mike Jurecki of XTRA910 radio in Phoenix lends credence to percolating rumors that the Arizona Cardinals would consider trading Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a one-time Pro Bowl cornerback, to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Rodgers-CromartieRodgers-CromartieWhy such a move appeals: Quarterbacks are more valuable than cornerbacks. Arizona needs a quarterback, badly. Rodgers-Cromartie is coming off a down year. He's slight of frame, has had knee surgery and isn't an ideal fit for new defensive coordinator Ray Horton, who favors cornerbacks with stronger tackling instincts. Arizona would remain talented at cornerback after using the fifth overall choice in the 2011 draft for Patrick Peterson. The team already has large sums invested in its secondary after securing strong safety Adrian Wilson with a lucrative deal. Arizona could pick up a free agent such as Ike Taylor, who played for Horton in Pittsburgh. The Eagles would be getting one of the more talented young cover corners in the league.

Why such a move carries risks: Rodgers-Cromartie is a proven Pro Bowl-caliber talent. He can be a special player. Kolb has had a few good games, but if the Eagles thought he were on his way to becoming an elite quarterback, they wouldn't consider trading him. They're willing to trade Kolb precisely because they know he's a good prospect, not a great one. If the Cardinals kept Rodgers-Cromartie and traded a draft choice, even a 2012 first-rounder, they would come out ahead in the short term -- and possibly the long term as well. Any team would be fortunate to land a player with Rodgers-Cromartie's talent and demonstrated abilities in the first round of future drafts.