Giants moves: Coughlin, Bernard, Jacobs

The Giants are having a busy day, even though they didn't get their sit-down with Plaxico Burress yet. They picked up a new center this morning, and the afternoon has seen a flurry of interesting activity:

• The team announced a one-year contract extension for coach Tom Coughlin, who is now signed through 2012. Coughlin is turning 65 at the end of August and has missed the playoffs two years in a row, so a long-term deal isn't in the cards. And extending him one year allows him not to worry about being a lame duck while not completely taking him off the coaching "hot seat" should the Giants miss the playoffs again. If that happens, I think there's as good a chance of Coughlin walking away on his own as there is of the team deciding to replace him.

• Adam Schefter reports that the Giants and defensive tackle Rocky Bernard were unable to negotiate a restructuring of Bernard's deal, and Bernard will be cut. Hours after Barry Cofield left to sign with the Redskins, this puts even more pressure on young defensive tackles Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin to perform sooner rather than later.

• As they continue to discuss a new deal for free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants have spoken with running back Brandon Jacobs about restructuring his deal to help them keep Bradshaw in the fold. This is not unexpected, and Jacobs has said in the past that it's something to which he'd be open. It could turn bad and Jacobs could get cut if they have to do it to bring back Bradshaw, but I think that would qualify as a surprise if it happened.

• There was an NFL Network report that Kevin Boss had re-signed with the Giants, but the free-agent tight end is tweeting that it hasn't happened yet: "Setting the record straight, I have not agreed to terms with any team yet ... thanks for all the support," Boss tweeted. Still could happen, but apparently it's not done yet. Or Boss doesn't want us to know it is.