Report: Ochocinco interested Raiders

The Oakland Tribune had two interesting nuggets about the Raiders. They wanted Chad Ochocinco and they are the first AFC West team to have signed all of their draft picks.

The Oakland Tribune wrote that the Boston Herald reported that New England, San Francisco and Oakland all asked permission to talk to Ochocinco before Cincinnati traded him to the Patriots.

It’s not a shock. Ochocinco and Oakland coach Hue Jackson have a history together and it was known in league circles they’d like to work together.

Most importantly, it shows the Raiders are interested in adding a veteran receiver and they want outside help. Maybe Ochocinco was a special circumstance since Jackson is so comfortable with him. But I think we need to keep an eye on the Raiders when it comes to veteran receivers.

Meanwhile, the team signed third-round pick, tackle Joe Barksdale. That means the entire Oakland draft class is signed and ready for training camp. The Raiders have a reputation for getting their rookies signed quickly, and this is just one less thing for Oakland to worry about as it starts camp.