Do Cowboys have a chance at Nnamdi?

So this morning, I heard Adam Schefter say on "Mike & Mike" that "some people in the league think Dallas is lurking in the background" of the Nnamdi Asomugha free-agent talks. And I thought it was interesting. Tweeted it. But didn't think it would impact my day too much, since it didn't seem realistic that Dallas, which still needs two safeties and two defensive ends and has been working all week to cut people so it could get down to the cap, could really outbid the extremely motivated Jets. I figured, sure, I have no doubt some people told Adam that, but that there was a decent chance those people were just speculating to him.

But now there are other reports, including one from the NFL Network, that the Cowboys are really in it. Schefter just went on "SportsCenter" and said he thought the Jets had an 80 percent chance to get Asomugha and the Cowboys a 10 percent chance, which is higher than a zero percent chance and therefore at least worth addressing as a possibility.

My take? I'm not buying Nnamdi to Dallas. Everything I've heard the past couple of days has indicated that he'd like to play for the Jets and that they're fired up about getting him. Dallas' sudden entry into this chatter feels like the Asomugha side trying to prod the Jets into offering more, since the Cowboys are believable as a suitor because they haven't done anything yet and are known to covet big names.

I could be wrong. The Cowboys could be very serious and working hard to make this happen. And if they did, they'd surely cut Terence Newman and go cheap at safety, which might be fine with Asomugha and Mike Jenkins playing corner. But this smells fishy to me, and if I were betting on this stuff (which I'd be stone-cold crazy to do), I'd still bet Asomugha ends up a Jet.

That's where I am on the Nnamdi-to-Dallas stuff, which at this point in the day had to be addressed. We'll address it again as need be, I promise.