Chargers keep key asset in Billy Volek

Usually, a transaction involving a backup quarterback is not a big deal.

Yet, the fact that the San Diego Chargers have re-signed backup quarterback Billy Volek for two years is noteworthy.

Volek is arguably the best backup quarterback in the NFL. There were rumblings after last season that Volek would leave for a starting job. That made the Chargers nervous because they know how valuable of an asset he is playing behind starter Philip Rivers.

Yet, Volek never got an opportunity to start elsewhere, so he re-upped with the Chargers on Saturday. While Volek would like the chance to start, I think he realizes he is in a good situation in San Diego and he has a good working relationship with Rivers.

Volek showed in the 2007 playoffs, when Rivers was hurt at Indianapolis, that he can come in and help win a big game. If Rivers, who is extremely durable, goes go down, the Chargers are in good shape.

Not every NFL team has a great backup. That’s why this is a significant re-signing.