Rapid Reaction: Randy Moss retiring

With news that Randy Moss has decided to retire, a few things come to mind.

You knew it was going to be special in New England from that first '07 training camp practice when Tom Brady and Moss decided to put on a show. It was a clinic, Brady pumping the ball to Moss repeatedly, the atmosphere electric with thousands of fans "oohing" and "aahing" with each connection.

I had never seen a training camp practice like that before, and haven't seen one since.

One aspect that was unforgettable was simply watching Moss run. It was so effortless, looked so smooth, that it didn't seem he was going as fast as he was. Then, the next thing you know, he was 5 yards behind the cornerback, reaching his hands out at the last moment to snare the ball effortlessly.

Moss ended up tweaking his hamstring and didn't participate in the rest of camp, but anyone who was there that day knew the possibilities for something special were there. You couldn't dream up some of the catches he made.