Kubiak: Offensive continuity on hold

Rarely, if ever, does an NFL unit simply pick up where it left off one year as it begins the next. Coaches talk all the time about how you’re actually starting from zero every time you start up.

Gary Kubiak’s been reminding his offense of that, and he wishes it had more of a chance to build some continuity in the first week of camp and in life after Vonta Leach.

Instead, with contract delays, injuries and a later addition in Leach’s replacement, Lawrence Vickers, the Texans have been patchwork on offense.

Here’s Kubiak with Houston media today:

“The number one thing I wish would happen is I wish we had these offensive guys on the field working. That’s been disappointing because you can have all the guys you want on paper, but they need to work together and play together. With Arian [Foster] going to miss some time now and Andre [Johnson] has missed some time; Jacoby [Jones] missed a lot of time, not his fault by any means; [Owen Daniels] missed a day. We need that continuity. We need to get on the field and get better. We’ve got to replace Vonta; we’ve got to replace the things David Anderson did for us, so we need that continuity, but I’m hoping that starts to pick back up next week.

“… They did some good things last year; that’s last year. You don’t ever stay the same in this business. You’re either moving forward and getting better or you’re stepping back. We’ve got a good group and I like the way our guys up front have worked, and they look very solid. Our tight ends look solid, but it’s about putting the whole group together and everybody being there to work for Matt [Schaub]. We’ll be smart; we’re not going to throw somebody out there who’s not ready to go, but boy, I sure would like to get them all back out there.”

I get to Houston on Thursday. Selfishly, I'd love it if the offense was closer to fully stocked during my visit.