Three questions with Malcolm Jenkins

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- More than a few mock drafts have paired Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins and the Green Bay Packers, who are set to choose No. 9 overall. (Among the mock drafters are ESPN.com analyst Todd McShay.)

Will Jenkins end up with the Packers? No one knows at this point. The Packers will need weeks to filter through the information they gleaned at the scouting combine, and frankly there is some question about whether Jenkins projects as a cornerback or a safety.

Jenkins spent a good part of his media session Sunday downplaying suggestions that he is better suited for safety. If they can't project him as a cornerback, it's unlikely the Packers will select him at No. 9; rare is the safety who is deemed worthy of a top 10-pick.

Jenkins refused to say exactly how tall he is -- "6-foot-something," he said -- and makes the argument he is a cornerback in safety's body. So, let's get on with it:

Are you aware of the cornerback-safety debate?

Malcolm Jenkins: Yeah, I've heard all the [speculation] about how I'm going to run, if I run slow then I'm going to be a safety and all of that. I'm not really worried about it. It's all about how I'm going to run and I'm real confident in how I'm going to do with that.

So there is pressure on your 40 time?

MJ: No. They're expecting me to run 4.5 and I'm pretty confident I can run faster than that. So I'm not really pressured.

If you were asked, how would you sell yourself as a corner?

MJ: If you turn on the film that's what you see. I do what every other corner [does]. If you put on a film of a guy that's 5-10, 185, I'm doing the same things that they're doing [but] at my size. In the league you've got receivers that are bigger and more physical, and that's what you need, a guy that can do it all. With my size and speed, it's something rare that you don't find a lot around the nation.