Eric Berry wants to cover all his bases

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- One wouldn’t think Eric Berry would have to do much after his rookie season.

It was a dream debut for the Kansas City Chiefs safety. The No. 5 overall pick in the draft was an instant star as he played every defensive snap last season. He was a key member of a surprise AFC West championship team. He made the Pro Bowl and he even got himself an Adidas commercial.

Yet, Berry reassessed his rookie campaign and decided to concentrate his offseason workouts on a vital area of any NFL safety’s game – coverage. Berry spent a large chunk of the lockout in Florida working with Kansas City cornerback Brandon Flowers on enhancing his coverage skills.

“I didn’t want to get complacent,” Berry said Tuesday. “There are great tight ends in the NFL. So, I have to work on coverage. I take as much pride in it as tackling, but I want to get better…. Covering the tight end here is not like in college. Getting better in coverage is important.”

Berry said he is more comfortable in his second NFL training camp. He knows what he is working for. He loved playing meaningful games in December and against Baltimore in a wild-card playoff round loss.

“The speed of the game in the playoffs is even faster,” Berry said. “I really enjoyed playing in those big games late with everything on the line. I want to do that again.”