Three thoughts on latest 49ers' dealings

An attempt at perspective regarding San Francisco 49ers-related happenings:

  • The 49ers and Maybin: The Buffalo Bills released Aaron Maybin at least in part because he wasn't a good fit for a 3-4 defense. The 49ers run a 3-4 defense. Not all 3-4s are created the same. Perhaps the 49ers could find a spot for Maybin. It's easy to see why Maybin would want to play for the 49ers. He and 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman were roommates at Penn State. Maybin, Bowman and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis grew up in Maryland. Side note: Maybin was the 11th player chosen in the 2009 draft. The 49ers used the 10th pick that year for Michael Crabtree. Update: Rule out Maybin.

  • Separation at quarterback: So, starting quarterback Alex Smith has tightened his grip on the job over the past couple days. It's an upset if Smith isn't the starter for Week 1 of the regular season. As a former quarterback, coach Jim Harbaugh should know when a quarterback needs a boost. Smith might have needed one after a rough preseason opener and speculation over the 49ers' intentions for the position amid news that Daunte Culpepper worked out for the team.

  • No deal yet for Culpepper: Taking a look at Culpepper opened the 49ers to easy ridicule. Were they really desperate enough at quarterback to consider a 34-year-old UFL passer whose last NFL snap came during the 2009 season? Yes and no. The team would like to add a veteran backup before the season. Doing so wouldn't necessarily affect the team's broader plans for the position. The 49ers know they can wait on Culpepper. Other teams aren't rushing out to sign him. In the meantime, the team can consider its options.

Any Buffalo Bills fans out there with thoughts on Maybin?