Payton: Starters will play more

It sounds like we’ll see a lot more of Drew Brees on Saturday night in Houston than we did in New Orleans’ preseason opener.

Saints coach Sean Payton told the media Thursday night the plan is to give Brees -- and the rest of the starters -- a lot more work this week.

“From a snap count, somewhere between 20 and 25 plays,’’ Payton said. “Hopefully close to 25 plays. That may or may not get us to the half, but somewhere in that range.’’

Brees played only briefly in the first preseason game, completing 1-of-4 for 6 yards. The rest of the starters didn’t play much more than Brees and the first offense didn’t record a first down. They’ll have a lot more opportunities this week.

“You want to see progress week-to-week,’’ Payton said. “I think it is always important. You want to play well. You want to improve from the things you didn’t do well the week before. It will be nothing different than the second week the last four or five years in preseason. I think they are going to have more playing time, number one, and get close to a half of football. Maybe just under that, depending on the snaps.’’