Joe Webb and Christian Ponder still battling

I'm not reading much into the Minnesota Vikings' decision to name Joe Webb their No. 2 quarterback for Saturday's preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. Webb and rookie Christian Ponder have been competing for the job, and quite simply, it's Webb's turn in the rotation coach Leslie Frazier set up at the beginning of the preseason.

We all know that Ponder is the Vikings' quarterback of the future. It's equally clear that Webb has the kind of unique skills that could be put to work most effectively if he wasn't tied to the No. 2 quarterback role. But in his first training camp as the Vikings' coach, Leslie Frazier has set forth a very traditional approach to determining his depth chart. Webb was a backup quarterback for the Vikings last season, and it's up to Ponder to unseat him as opposed to the other way around.

Ponder (73.3) has a better passer rating than Webb (40.9) this preseason, but the truth is neither has really separated himself in the competition. We could get more clarity Saturday night, or we might need to wait until the preseason finale -- which the two will probably split with Donovan McNabb taking the night off.

The only way this issue matters is if it suggests Ponder has disappointed the Vikings this summer or otherwise fallen off his long-term track. Neither appears to be the case. There's no reason for Frazier to name a winner at this point, and so he hasn't.