As we wait for midnight...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
A roundup of some Thursday developments and articles as we await the clock striking midnight:

Houston Texans

Who will be Matt Schaub's new backup once the Sage Rosenfels trade to Minnesota goes through? How about Chris Simms? The Titans free agent could land a better offer with a better chance to start. But he's college pals with Houston coordinator Kyle Shanahan, which could make for a match.

The Texans extended qualifying offers to five restricted free agents, with tight end Owen Daniels getting the maximum offer of a $2.792 million tender that comes with first- and third-round picks attached as compensation, John McClain reports.

Receiver David Anderson and defensive end Earl Cochran each got the minimum tender of $1.01 million. That comes with a seventh-round pick attached as compensation for Anderson and no pick connected to Cochran if they got an offer sheer the Texans don't match.

Indianapolis Colts

Early in the day there was speculation Jeff Saturday could try to get the Steelers interested, but he reached a three-year deal with the Colts.

Dominic Rhodes will test the market, writes Mike Chappell.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The team announced it would cut veteran defensive end Paul Spicer.

"Paul Spicer has been a productive and valuable member of this team for a long time," Jaguars GM Gene Smith said. "We've appreciated his team-first mentality and his blue-collar work ethic. He was a good example for the younger players because he was a guy who was not drafted but worked very hard to establish himself and his career."

The Jags could look for a mid-range veteran to help out. But even if they do, 2009 will bring more work and bigger expectations for Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, last year's top two picks.

Tennessee Titans

With no deal for Kurt Warner in Arizona, the Titans and Kerry Collins aren't going to get any closer. Collins has been waiting on a Warner deal to then try to get a percentage of the deal. If Simms (see Houston entry above) gets a quick deal with a team like the Bears or the Texans, it will mess up the Titans' Plan B and give Collins even more leverage.

If things drag on, Jim Wyatt wonders if the Titans would express an interest in Warner -- an unlikely match -- just to stir things up.

There has been nothing Thursday to indicate the potential for a last-minute breakthrough with the Titans and Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth tops Pete Prisco's list of the 50 top free agents.