Expert: Cassel injury a matter of pain

I caught up with ESPN medical analyst Stephania Bell to discuss the impact of a rib injury suffered by Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel.

He was reportedly hurt Thursday night at Green Bay and he could miss Sunday’s opener against Buffalo.

Bell said whether Cassel can or cannot play Sunday will ultimately depend on “pain management.” Bell said if Cassel has a cracked rib, it may be difficult for him to play. She said a reason why rib injuries are so difficult to play with it is near impossible to immobilize the trouble spot even thought players often try to play with a protective brace.

“There are a lot of factors at play, but location has a lot to do with it..The higher in the rib area the injury is, the more trouble it can be,” Bell said. “It really comes down to a question of pain management. It is very painful to move in any form throwing to running. The harder you breathe, the more it hurts. So, it could come down to dealing with the pain and it is a very painful injury.”