Belichick, Mason have sparring session

The dangerous part of having a microphone on during games is there's often foul language used in the heat of competition.


BelichickDo you really want to know some of the things said during NFL games? Take New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick for example.

Belichick says very little when the media cameras are on. But in the NFL Network's documentary "A Football Life," Belichick gave New York Jets receiver Derrick Mason an earful two seasons ago during a game with the Baltimore Ravens, Mason's former team.

"Oh, f--- you Mason. Just f--- you," Belichick responded to Mason after the receiver said something after a reception. "Why don't we talk after the game, all right? Just shut the f--- up."

This week Mason told New York reporters that he respects Belichick. But that didn't stop Mason from taking a shot at the Hall of Fame coach by discreetly referencing Spygate.

"They won a bunch of games during those times, when they were allegedly, you know ... They won a bunch of games," Mason said.

Surprised by the Mason-Belichick sparring match? You shouldn't be.

In my three years covering the AFC North, Baltimore's locker room had a genuine disdain for the Patriots. Baltimore felt the Patriots were the league's favorite golden boys, while the Ravens, in their view, were treated like the NFL's bad-boy step children. The "Flag Game" was an example that always stuck with Baltimore.

The influx of former Ravens have added more fuel to the Jets-Patriots rivalry. Coach Rex Ryan and linebacker Bart Scott are leading the charge. Mason is the latest to get involved.

The Patriots will host the Jets on Oct. 9. The return matchup in New York is set for Nov. 13.

Update: Mason sent the following tweets this evening:

"Just saw that belichick video thing all u ppl are commenting about. He might As well called me boy! Lol total Disrespect."

"Had I said that to him, everyone would have been in a uproar! I have to much respect for the game to [speak] to a coach in that manner!"