Your Dallas Cowboys Update

It occurs to me that (a) there are about a billion things going on with the Dallas Cowboys today and (b) I haven't posted on them yet. So here you go, with a whole links post dedicated to Cowboys news of the day:

Todd Archer is reporting that Tony Romo had a CT scan to check on how well his punctured lung is healing. Romo did not practice Thursday, but remember, the Cowboys don't play until Monday night, so he gets an extra day to heal and figure all of this stuff out. But the indicators aren't as positive for Romo's Sunday status as they are for, say, the Eagles' Michael Vick. And if there are still questions about the speed with which the puncture in Romo's lung is healing tomorrow and Saturday, it might start to make sense to sit him out a week and roll with Jon Kitna.

For his part, Kitna doesn't expect that to happen.

Whoever plays quarterback will have a hard time finding experienced wideouts to whom to throw the ball. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant also sat out Thursday's practice with injuries. It sounds as if Austin's hamstring will keep him out of the next two games, and while Bryant's thigh injury hasn't worsened since it happened in the Week 1 game against the Jets, it's not getting better either, and Bryant hasn't practiced since that game. It's possible that Kevin Ogletree and Jesse Holley could be the starting wide receivers for the Cowboys on Monday night.

The Cowboys are getting healthier on defense, as starting cornerback Terence Newman looks set for his first game action of the year. That should only help a Rob Ryan defense that has looked a lot better so far than I and many others expected it to look in the early part of the season.

Oh, and the Cowboys don't seem to have too much of an issue with what Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said about going after Romo's ribs, though Virginia alum Ogletree used it as an opportunity to get in a dig at Hall's school, Virginia Tech.

So there you go. Your Cowboys update for this evening. I hope that gets you up to date