AFC North reaction to NFL Power Rankings

Here's my reaction to ESPN's Week 4 Power Rankings. I don't have a vote, but I have an opinion:


Ranking: No. 5

Record: 2-1

Reaction: There's really no argument here. The Ravens are behind the likes of Green Bay, New Orleans, New England and Detroit. If the Ravens hadn't slipped up at Tennessee, Baltimore could make a case for being No. 2. But this is about right considering the body of work.


Ranking: No. 10

Record: 2-1

Reaction: For the second straight week, the Steelers fall a spot after a win. It was a head-scratcher when it happened last week after Pittsburgh routed Seattle. This time, you can't find any fault in dropping the Steelers down one spot after just getting past Indianapolis. The Steelers aren't clicking yet. Sunday's game at Houston is a chance for Pittsburgh to move up.


Ranking: No. 21

Record: 2-1

Reaction: That Week 1 gaffe against the Bengals is hurting the Browns because you can't put them above San Francisco after the 49ers just won at Cincinnati. The Browns have done enough the past two weeks to merit a top-20 ranking, but it's difficult to complain when they move up eight spots (second biggest jump behind the Bills). Remember it was a couple of weeks ago when Cleveland was in last place.


Ranking: No. 27

Record: 1-2

Reaction: The Bengals only rank above the five winless teams. So, they're the worst one-win team in the league. There's not much of a debate after that 13-8 loss to the 49ers, who rarely win in the Eastern Time Zone these days.