NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs bottom out

The following is a look at how the AFC West teams fared in our Week 4 NFL Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but of course, I have an opinion:

San Diego Chargers

Power ranking: 9

My range: 6-8

Why: The Chargers are one of the NFL’s better teams. But injuries and sloppy play on offense are reasons for concern.

Oakland Raiders

Power ranking: 13

My range: 9-11

Why: The Raiders are getting some love after a big win over the Jets. They jumped up the rankings and one ESPN Insider thinks they should be ranked even higher.Insider

Denver Broncos

Power ranking: 26

My range: 25-27

Why: The Broncos are ranked where they should be ranked. But there is hope down the road. The defense has improved and they have lost both games by a total of six points.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power ranking: 32

My range: 31-32

Why: The Chiefs have finally hit the bottom of the rankings. There are five winless teams in the NFL and the voters think the Chiefs are the worst team in the league. Now, that they have hit the bottom of the rankings, the Chiefs likely won’t move up until they win. But they do play fellow winless teams, Minnesota and Indianapolis, in the next two games.