Five thoughts on the Warner saga

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Five things to know while Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda, are meeting with 49ers officials at team headquarters in Santa Clara:

1. This is starting to get ugly. Or at least edgy. Warner's camp is now releasing unflattering information about the Cardinals' offer. For example:

From Yahoo! Sports: According to a source close to Warner, he has been offered what amounts to a one-year deal, with one season at $10 million, and a team option for a second year at the same terms.

From ESPN.com: According to a source, the Cardinals' offer is $10 million in 2009 with an option bonus for $10 million in 2010. There are not any guarantees in the contract, so it is effectively a one-year deal at $10 million if the Cardinals don't want to bring him back in 2010.

2. The 49ers are committed at the ownership level. They paid for a private jet to escort Warner and his wife from Arizona to San Jose, near 49ers headquarters. Private jets are not cheap. If you know what it costs for a business to use one, please let me know. Also, if you know where to find flight information for private planes -- something akin to flightaware.com -- please point us in the right direction. Thanks.

3. Warner is not going through the motions. He brought his wife, which suggests the couple will make this decision together. That is no surprise, but Warner might not waste his wife's time if he were making this trip only to help his agent.

4. The 49ers are open to changing their offense. Former 49ers quarterback Trent Dilfer, now with ESPN, said that is the word from coach Mike Singletary. See video below.

5. Arizona remains the best place for Warner. We can debate whether the Cardinals should offer him more. We can debate whether Warner should be happy with the Cardinals' offer. There's no debating where he belongs. It's in Arizona and it's not even close.