Jim Caldwell defends his power

Say what you might about outgoing Colts DB Justin Tryon’s exit strategy. He did what no reporter or player has done in my time covering the team:

He got coach Jim Caldwell fired up enough to defend himself and make an assertion about who sets the team’s lineup at a time when there seems to be fuel for the idea that there is some confusion over control.

Tryon said on Twitter that Caldwell wanted him starting, but was overruled.

Responded Caldwell, via Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star:

“Well, probably without being boastful or seeming as if that I’m reacting to that particular statement, but I can just tell you that if I wanted him to start, he would have started. If I wanted him to be here, he’d still be here, plain and simple. I’m not going to carry on a back-and-forth, you know, because the young man did a good job for us while he was here and I hope he’s able to land with someone else.”

As for why Tryon would say it, Caldwell said: “I cannot go into the minds of other individuals and tell you that. I know one thing, and I think some of you could probably attest to, I’m pretty direct and I usually don’t have very many people that misunderstand me.”

I didn’t hear the tone, but that’s reads as a pretty strong reaction as Caldwell goes. Earlier in the day, Jim Irsay went to Twitter again to express a similar sentiment.

“There is no chaos/disarray,thinking that is a delusion maker,nothing but unity n believe,that u could c sunday nite,fighting thru adversity”

And when I talked to rookie left tackle Anthony Castonzo, he said the message from Caldwell remained the same.

“The message has been the same,” he said. “He lets us know that our job is to win and that’s what we are expected to do. He’s been keeping us together kind of highlighting the progress we’ve made each week and saying we’re just one or two plays away from that W…”

“It’s a job, we have to do what we are paid to do.”

The one thing we are still missing? An explanation of how Tryon fell so far so fast in the eyes of Caldwell and whoever joined the decision to let him go.