Joyner on Titans' run blocking: Not good

KC Joyner’s got a bad review of the Titans offensive line.

While the group is protecting Matt Hasselbeck well, Joyner sees really poor run blocking as the root of Chris Johnson’s struggles.

Here’s what he says in this Insiders Pass Plays piece.

Johnson's statistical woes are mostly a matter of his running behind one of the worst sets of run-blockers in the NFL.

The Titans' run-blockers have given their ball carriers a favorable blocking situation on 29 percent of their rushing attempts this season (a favorable blocking situation being loosely defined as when the blockers don't allow the defenders to do anything to disrupt the rush attempt).

To get an idea of how bad that total is, consider that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked dead last in the league in that metric in 2010 and they managed to post a 33.6 percent rate in this category.

It isn't just a matter of poor blocking, either, as the Titans' new coaching staff doesn't seem to be using the same types of running plays that made former Tennessee offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger one of the most creative run playcallers in the NFL.

This situation may very well improve over the course of the 2011 season, but the depth of changes and improvements that would have to be made are daunting enough to say it's time for fantasy owners to cut their losses on CJ2K.

Wow. That's damning stuff, and it's from a fantasy perspective. I think three weeks is early. I think coach Mike Munchak and offensive line coach Bruce Matthews, two Hall of Fame offensive linemen, know how to draw up effective run plays and what makes them work.

It's time for the Titans to get going on the ground, for sure. I wouldn't be cutting Johnson if he was on my fantasy team just yet.