Scott wants several Ravens to migrate

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
One of Bart Scott's responsibilities, he figures, is recruiting as many Baltimore Ravens as he can to join him with the New York Jets.

Sounds like Scott will do so gladly.

The former Ravens linebacker conducted a Monday afternoon conference call with Jets reporters and shared his thoughts for the first time about being the cornerstone of new head coach Rex Ryan's defense.

Ryan was the Ravens' defensive coordinator, helping them establish and then maintain an elite 3-4 unit for several years.

"Trust me, when Rex left, a lot of guys wanted to come with him," Scott said. "He has that type of personality. We played last year to get Rex a head coaching job. That is what one of the goals was over on the defensive side: 'Let's play so good that they have no choice but to recognize our defense, but then recognize the man that's pulling the trigger.' "

Ryan identified Scott as a player he wanted to bring with him to the Jets. Safety Jim Leonhard and cornerback Corey Ivy also are on Ryan's wish list.

"I am actively trying to get those guys," Scott said. "Hopefully, we can get those guys here and we can really improve the depth, communication and transition for this football team to an attacking style 3-4."