Incredible pass rush vs. Jay Cutler

DETROIT -- I noted Monday night that I felt a pang of sympathy for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who played a pretty decent game in a 24-13 loss to the Detroit Lions despite constant pressure from the Lions' active defensive line.

How much pressure, I had no idea.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Cutler was under duress Monday night on a higher percentage of his passes than any quarterback in a single NFL game this season. On 16 of his 38 passes, Cutler was either forced from the pocket, had his throwing motion altered or faced a defender with a clear path in his line of sight. He was sacked three times and hit six times, according to press box statistics.

That all came despite the fact that the Lions sent four or fewer pass-rushers on 90.5 percent of Cutler's drop backs.

The chart shows how the pressure Cutler faced stacked up against the other top instances around the NFL this season.