NFL Power Rankings: Ravens climb to No. 3

A look at how the AFC North teams stand in ESPN's NFL power rankings. I don't have a vote, but I can certainly chime in:


Power ranking: No. 3

Record: 4-1

Comment: The Baltimore Ravens move up because the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions both lost. You can make the case that they deserve to be at No. 2 over the New England Patriots. The Ravens are beating teams by an average of three touchdowns. But the Patriots' resume of victories is slightly better because of their win over San Diego.


Power ranking: No. 8

Record: 4-2

Comment: The Pittsburgh Steelers stay at No. 8 and no complaints here. The only 4-2 team ahead of Pittsburgh is New Orleans. The Steelers didn't help themselves by that closer-than-expected home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Power ranking: No. 18

Record: 4-2

Comment: No respect for the Cincinnati Bengals. Outside of Cincinnati, the lowest 4-2 team is ranked No. 12 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers). The Bengals' win over the Buffalo Bills (No. 10) should negate their loss at the Denver Broncos (No. 27). No excuse for Cincinnati to sit behind three 3-3 teams.


Power ranking: No. 23

Record: 2-3

Comment: The Cleveland Browns remain at No. 23 for a second straight week, but that's nothing to celebrate. The only other teams below the Browns are the two-win Kansas City Chiefs, five one-win teams and three winless ones. The Browns, though, will fall next week if they can't beat the Seattle Seahawks at home.