Scouts Inc.: Does T.O. fit in the AFC North?

Posted by Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson
Is Terrell Owens a fit for any of the four AFC North teams? Let's examine each situation.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Nate Washington just signed with Tennessee and Limas Sweed is unproven, so there is a wide receiver need in Pittsburgh, especially considering Hines Ward's age and the fact that Ward and Santonio Holmes tend to miss games here and there. However, with as much as the Steelers stress character, they would never sign a player like Owens. Enough said.

Cleveland Browns: With Kellen Winslow shipped out to Tampa Bay, there is a shortage of pass catchers in Cleveland right now. However, this is a team going through a major facelift and malcontents such as Winslow (and possibly Braylon Edwards) are not going to be tolerated anymore. If Owens had been released a year ago, Cleveland might have been a suitor, but now, under Eric Mangini, it just isn't going to happen. The Browns are looking for player leadership and bringing in someone like Owens simply doesn't fit that formula.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have been known to overlook disruptive personalities and players with character concerns. While Owens' play is declining, he would give Carson Palmer quite an arsenal to throw to, even with T.J. Houshmandzadeh now in Seattle. But the Bengals just signed Laveranues Coles and drafted two wide outs high last year who need to be developed. Not to mention, is there any reason whatsoever to put Owens and Chad Johnson in the same locker room? Bringing in Owens would be far too risky -- even for the Bengals.

Baltimore Ravens: Of the four teams in the division, Baltimore is the one that makes the most sense. A few years back, it looked as if Owens was headed to the Ravens, but there is a different head coach in the fold now and this was a very successful team last season without incorporating someone like Owens. Also, it could be argued that Owens' demand for the ball and antics could stunt the growth of young quarterback Joe Flacco. Baltimore does need another pass catcher, preferably one with the size and physicality that Owens offers, but after signing Matt Birk and re-signing Ray Lewis, money has to be tight. Overextending themselves for a malcontent like Owens would be bad business. Don't expect Ozzie Newsome to bite.

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