Where in the AFC West would Owens fit?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Welcome to the wild AFC West where it could get even wilder.

The Broncos thinking about trading Jay Cutler? The Chargers, perhaps, cutting LaDainian Tomlinson? You haven't seen anything yet.

T.O. could be coming.

Let's look at the possibility of Terrell Owens, who was cut by Dallas, coming to each AFC West team. Let's start with the team that makes the most sense:

Oakland: The Raiders may be the leader in the clubhouseto land Owens.

Why? Because it just makes sense.

First, the Raiders need a receiver. They don't have a legitimate wideout and can use a true No. 1 receiver. Owens, 35, may be declining, but he certainly still believes he's a No. 1 wide receiver.

Not only would Owens fit a hole in Oakland, but he'd fit the mold. Over the years, Raiders owner Al Davis has loved taking on renegades. He likely wouldn't be scared off by Owens' history.

And the history isn't pretty. Despite all of his abilities and his production, Owens has been jettisoned by three teams. Again, Davis, who loved Randy Moss, wouldn't be scared.

Owens hasn't helped a team get over the hump. But the Raiders are far from being a contender (they have won a league-low 24 games in the past six years), so Owens can only help them.

Also, Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell is trying to establish himself so there likely wouldn't be much friction between Russell and Owens like there has been between Owens and other quarterbacks. Russell would likely bow down to Owens.

And here is the biggest reason of all that Owens could be a fit in Oakland: It could be his only chance to continue playing.

Kansas City: New Chiefs coach Todd Haley was the Cowboys' receivers coach in 2006, Owens' first season in Dallas. NFC East blogger Matt Mosley points out Haley once told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during an interview: "You'll never win anything with [T.O.] on your team." Also, I'd have a difficult time believing new Chiefs general manager, Scott Pioli, would start the new era in Kansas City with Owens, although he was in New England when Moss was brought in.

Denver: The Broncos really don't have a need (assuming Brandon Marshall isn't suspended for an extended period of time). Plus, when former Denver coach Mike Shanahan toyed with the idea of bringing in Owens three years ago, owner Pat Bowlen wasn't a fan of the idea.

San Diego: This doesn't seem like a fit at all.