NFL Power Rankings: Sinking Skins

Oh, yes, it is Power Rankings day here on ESPN.com and the new rankings are out -- fresh, hot and ready to eat. Or argue over. Or whatever. This week, the rankings of the NFC East teams relative to each other reflect the standings in our division, which makes sense. Here's a look at the way our four teams fared in this week's voting:

11. New York Giants (Last week: 11)

No movement for the first-place Giants on their bye week, and the voters remain conflicted as to what to do with them. Paul Kuharsky ranks them seventh while James Walker has them 16th. I don't know what to tell you. If you want to call the Giants a top-1o team so far, you can find evidence to support your position. If you want to say you don't buy it, there's evidence for that too. I fully expect them to whip the Dolphins this week coming off the bye and move into next week's top 10. But if they lay an egg like they did against the Seahawks a couple of weeks back, it could be a long fall with the way the schedule shakes out after this.

18. Dallas Cowboys (21)

A three-spot jump for the Cowboys off their easy victory over the Rams. They were ranked too low last week, especially considering the 2-4 Eagles were ranked higher, and this seems more accurate at this point. But again, lots of variety in the voting. James has them 13th, Ashley Fox 15th, Mike Sando and John Clayton 19th, Kuharsky 21st. Their schedule turns the opposite way from the Giants' schedule, so they're presented with a chance to move up this list once they get out of Philadelphia on Sunday night. Of course, if they win that, they could make a big jump as soon as next week.

20. Washington Redskins (15)

They were No. 10 two weeks ago and No. 15 last week. It's been a rough couple of weeks, and the way their injuries are mounting, this may not be the end of the slide. They could use a victory over the Bills in Toronto this week to get things back on track, but remember -- they were ranked 28th in the preseason, so a long losing streak would reinforce the opinion the voters had of them when all of this started. Won't take long for them to drift back to the back of the pack.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (20)

The Eagles didn't even play, yet they fell two spots. The two teams that jumped ahead of them were the Cowboys and the Chiefs, who thumped the Raiders in Oakland. Tough for anyone in Philly to argue. They're 2-4 and one of the most disappointing teams in the league so far. This is a team that's going to have to prove to the voters that it deserves to move up. A victory over Dallas on Sunday night would be a start.