NFL Power Rankings: Steelers up to No. 5

A look at how the AFC North teams stand in ESPN's NFL Power Rankings. I don't have a vote, but I can certainly chime in:


Power Ranking: No. 5

Record: 5-2

Comment: The Steelers are in first place in the AFC North for the first time this season and move into the top spot in the Power Rankings for the division. The only debate is whether the Saints, who are also 5-2, should be two spots above Pittsburgh. But New Orleans has beaten Houston and routed Indianapolis by 55 points. The Steelers lost to Houston and edged Indianapolis by three points.


Power Ranking: No. 6

Record: 4-2

Comment: The Ravens slipped three spots after that dreadful offensive performance to the one-win Jaguars. The fall could have been worse (and probably should have been). Baltimore is the highest-ranked 4-2 team, which shows the level of respect from voters.


Power Ranking: No. 16

Record: 4-2

Comment: The Bengals moved up two spots while on the bye. Maybe it's a reward for the Carson Palmer trade. Still, Cincinnati remains the lowest 4-2 team in the rankings. The Bengals should be in the top 15. They are behind five three-loss teams: Oakland, Atlanta, New York Jets, Houston and Chicago.


Power Ranking: No. 24

Record: 3-3

Comment: It's understandable that the Browns would move down one spot with an ugly win over Seattle. The problem is they are the worst-ranked 3-3 team in the Power Rankings and it's not even close. In fact, Cleveland is the only team ranked below No. 21 that doesn't have a losing record. Philadelphia (2-4) and Carolina (2-5) are ahead of the Browns.