Rapid Reaction: Lions 45, Broncos 10

DENVER -- A look at a disastrous day for the home team:

What it means: The shine of the comeback win at Miami last week is gone. Tim Tebow was terrible in his second start of the season. The Broncos were completely outclassed by a much better team. The Broncos are now 2-5.

Tomorrow’s talker: Miracles don’t happen every week. Tebow, the toast of Denver after engineering an unlikely comeback in the final minutes at Miami after playing poorly for most of the game, had no magic Sunday. He was just plain bad. This is a major hit for the Broncos. Yes, Tebow is a project and there has to be some patience involved here, but he is not showing any real signs he can be an effective NFL quarterback.

It’s not just Tebow: It would be unfair to blame this lopsided loss all on Tebow. The entire Denver team was outclassed. There are major talent issues on both sides of the ball. This is looking like a team that will be drafting very high next spring.

Detroit disasters: The past two times Denver has played Detroit, it has been destroyed. The Lions smoked the Broncos 44-7 in Motown in 2007 -- meaning that in the past two meetings, the Lions have outscored Denver 89-17.

What’s next: The Broncos play at 4-3 Oakland next Sunday as the Raiders begin the Carson Palmer starting era. Palmer was terrible in the second half against Kansas City last week, but should be better after learning the Raiders’ offense during the bye week. The question for Denver, though: Can Tebow get better?