NFC North QBR update: Week 8

Let's make our weekly comparison between the Total Quarterback Rating and passer rating for each NFC North quarterback. In some cases, it can give us a deeper insight into how each quarterback performed. At the bottom of this post is a cumulative comparison of each metric. Keep in mind that half of the NFC North was on its bye in Week 8.

Matthew Stafford

Week 8 passer rating: 130.8

NFL rank: 1

Week 8 QBR: 94.6

NFL rank: 1

Comment: Whether you look at passer rating or QBR, Sunday was the best statistical day of Stafford's career. From a QBR perspective, his 16-of-22 performance in the first half was particularly important. Of those 16 completions, 11 went for first downs. Of his 191 total yards in the first half, 135 came in the air.

Christian Ponder

Week 8 passer rating: 102.7

NFL rank: 6

Week 8 QBR: 52.0

NFL rank: 12

Comment: Ponder's QBR was relatively lower than his passer rating because in part because he took four sacks, had a fumble and managed 4 yards on four carries. But make no mistake: Ponder had a winning performance that we'll examine more closely later Monday.