Mincey's complaint needs name attached

Some Jaguars have a beef with the way the Texans play.

Let’s set aside that it comes off like sour grapes after a loss and that, per Tania Ganguli of the Times-Union, Jack Del Rio said Monday he has no issue with how Houston plays.

I’ve got a different issue with the complaints of Terrance Knighton and Jeremy Mincey: Why speak vaguely about offenses committed against you rather than name names?

Actually, Knighton’s comments to Vito Stellino of the T-U were more general about his being frustrated by the way the Texans play. But Mincey had at least one specific complaint.

"They're some nasty guys. I was on the ground and a guy stepped on my head. That's very dirty. It is what it is. Hopefully he'll get fined."

It’s like a half complaint. If you’re going to point a finger at a guy for doing something really objectionable that we missed, how about sharing a where, when and who? If it’s a fineable offense, you’d help increase the chances the offender is cited by sharing specifics.

And while I do not endorse anyone stepping on anyone’s head, wasn’t there a helmet involved?