Chills and rain (!) in the San Diego forecast

SAN DIEGO -- Greetings from Qualcomm Stadium, where -- yes -- there was a tarp on the field Sunday morning to guard against a rare rainy forecast here in Southern California. It sounds like we'll be safe through late afternoon, but it's a relatively cool 59 degrees and not expected to go much past 61 degrees today.

As a visiting Midwesterner, I'm bitter but determined. I'm in short sleeves in the San Diego Chargers' outdoor press box and vowing not to throw on the jacket even though the natives are all in sweaters and pea coats. So there.

My trip from the hotel to the stadium revealed high anticipation for the swarm of Green Bay Packers fans expected to attend this game. A few enterprising locals were standing in at intersections hawking Packers gear to the fans entering stadium parking lots. Business was brisk.

One football note to pass along before we get our inactive list: Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (groin) is not expected to play Sunday, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.