Cost of Haynesworth minimal for Bucs

The short-term cost of claiming veteran defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth off waivers won’t be much for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Under the terms of his contract with New England, Haynesworth was scheduled to make $1.5 million in base salary this year. With only eight games left, Haynesworth will only cost the Bucs $705,882 this season.

But the long-term impact could be much greater. The Bucs inherit a contract that runs through 2012 and that’s where things get a little complicated.

Haynesworth is scheduled to make $6.7 million in base salary next season. He’s also scheduled to receive a $400,000 roster bonus on August 1 and a $100,000 bonus if he takes part in an unspecified number of offseason workouts.

But the bottom line is the Bucs didn’t have a lot to lose on this one. If Haynesworth comes in and plays well, he might be worth keeping around next season. If not, the Bucs could release him without any 2012 salary-cap implications.