Browns honor Veterans Day

To honor Veterans Day, Browns players and staff members visited with the USO (United Service Organization) and newly sworn in recruits at the Cleveland Military Entrance Processing Station this week.

Browns center Alex Mack, tight end Jordan Cameron and linebackers D'Qwell Jackson and Quinton Spears were among those who toured the facility and learned about the process of signing up to serve.

"It’s humbling to see these people commit to serve our country and see them go through that with their families here to support them," said Mack, who understands military life after watching his father serve in the Army and one of his cousins join the Air Force.

"Just to know what they’re signing up for, four to six years of their life, putting their lives on the line, it’s very humbling to see these people move onto the next step of their lives. It’s very incredible training and they get to do very amazing things. It’s a big honor, a very important deal. There’s just so many emotions involved."

The players signed autographs and signed pictures with the recruits and their families, according to the team's website. They also watched a swearing-in ceremony where 31 men and women took the oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“I’ve never had a chance to actually see anything like this before," Jackson said. "The biggest surprise for me was how young the kids were, they’re high school seniors. At that age you don’t really know what direction you want to go; your life hasn’t even started yet. For a young man or woman to decide they want to go to boot camp for six weeks, leave their family, leave their friends, it’s a great compliment to who they are. It’s a great commitment by those youngsters. I’m always appreciative of the troops and I think we all should be.”

Last Saturday, the Browns also teamed with their medical partners to offer free health screenings at their stadium.